Excuse me as I try to re-discover how to draw Gakupo (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Happy Birthday Gakupo! ~from Mun and Muse

Yay, my birthday is the same day as yours! Anyway, what do you usually get on your birthday?


:Muse laughs maniacally behind me: So Gakupo, do you have any fears of vampires or the supernatural? :>

I have no blood or soul to steal, as many supernatural entities seem to do? It is not a worry of mine.

If you would start search for a girlfriend (or wife OwO) would you like a girl with light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes? Who's not Japanese?


I am… very unsure?

Per… haps.. ?

so my new pen may get here tomorrow! please be patient with me as i wait for it before i begin any more replies (  ´ ▽ `)=3

Gakupo, how did you get yourself into such a predicament? I find myself wondering where the tentacles came from..



happy tmi tueessdaay (*/∇\*)

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mmmaybe i should draw something for tmi tuesday tomorrow (`∇´)ψ

My tablet pen is currently dying, and all I have available to me is Photoshop rather than SAI. Please forgive my messy replies! (ノ*´∀`*)